About CareerCreating.com

We've been perfecting the art of effective upskilling and helping you acquire remote jobs since 2020. 

Here you'll learn: Who we help, what we do, our philosophy and our story.

Who we help

We help beginners get high paying remote jobs through a perfected upskilling strategy (basically, anybody no matter their prior qualifications).

We do this through our training program: Remote Job Program. Our program aim to get you a $60K/yr or higher remote job in 30 days, with no experience or education necessary.

Our philosophy

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin

1. Results - your results are our focus.

2. Support - with us you are never left alone.

3. Simplicity - avoid overcomplicating things, simplicity is key.

4. Community - the best results come from doing it together.

5. Quality - nothing is perfect and everything can be improved.

Our story

Lukas Andersson founded Career Creating in 2020, during the pandemic. It was a time where many people lost their jobs, and also had time on their hands. 

Just prior to this, he had been developing a strategy that he used to get a high paying remote job, without experience and without prior education.

Why was Lukas focusing on remote jobs? Well, he had already been working remotely for a long time and enjoyed the benefits. With the ongoing pandemic, lots of people were discovering this opportunity. And many of them were not looking to return to the office.

With remote jobs, you can drastically improve your career opportunities, take advantage of jobs all around the country, and truly experience freedom to work in the way that suits you. You're not forced to the office every day, and you don't have a manager constantly looking over your shoulder.

But when he saw what was happening in the world, and seeing so many people without the jobs they desire, it made him realize that he could help other people using the same strategy.

It started with small coaching sessions and mentoring, learning how to teach the strategy properly to make his students see success.

Eventually, he wanted to scale it and provide an accessible solution for everyone to get results. That is when the remote job program was created.

This is now Career Creating's focus and he spends most of his time running and improving the program.

Contacting us

The best way to contact us is via email - info@careercreating.com .

You can follow Lukas on YouTube here.

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